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My cell phone carrier recently increased my sms rate in order to offer me cheaper minutes. I do not send a lot of sms each month i prefer to talk to people, however sometime you got to text to friends when they dont answer. However i’m so angry and i dont want to pay anything to my carier now, and i even started using Viber more and more.

But there is another good app for iOS and android, and it can send free sms messages to any cell phone number around the world. The name of the app is JaxtrSMS. It is free, it doesnt show any ads and it just requires a simple registration details (no credit card).

You can send up to 40 free sms each day at the moment im writting this post. It can be even used to flood and joke with your friend by BombSMSing them. The messages arives in just a second after you press SEND, its really cool.

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